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Best of Columbia: Mutrux Automotive

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Mutrux Automotive

For 21 years, Mutrux Automotive has been serving the Columbia community, providing full service at the pumps and in the garage for both minor and major repairs. Owners Cindy and Ross Mutrux say the customers are the best part of business. “We truly have the best customer base ever,” Cindy Mutrux says.

As a hometown pair, they know the importance of serving the community and providing quality service. But that wouldn’t be possible without the team at Mutrux, who are considered family. “They are the faces of Mutrux Automotive,” Mutrux says.

After winning gold for Best Auto Repair, gold for Best Customer Service and silver for Best Place to Work, “we are truly humbled,” she says. “We are a locally, family-owned business with a touch of Mayberry.”

Mutrux says there’s not too many true mom-and-pop shops left, which makes supporting those who exist all the more important. At Mutrux Automotive, their dedicated customers do just that, with service by appointment only. “We may not always be the least expensive, but our customer service makes up for that.”

After all, Mutrux Automotive is more than just a garage or gas station. “We are that neighborhood store that kids ride their bikes to get a cold Fitz soda, ice cream or candy bar,” Mutrux says. “It’s a place where veterans come to have coffee and chat. It’s a place where everyone is loved and accepted.”

The past few years have been especially difficult for many small businesses, and Mutrux says they “appreciate our customers for being flexible and understanding as we have had to navigate through these changes and push forward. … Thank you for your love, support, prayers and being our cheerleaders to keep us going.”

Mutrux Automotive: 2100 W. Rollins Road • 573-445-1070 •

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