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Dr. Jill Dunlap Brown

How can I make sure my child isn’t falling behind in reading skills?

One way to ensure children are on track with their reading skills is to use structured literacy, a specialized, evidence-based approach to teaching reading. It involves a systematic, step-by-step sequence for teaching letters and sounds, ensuring a solid foundation. Multisensory techniques engage multiple senses to reinforce learning, while ongoing assessment allows for tailored instruction. Structured literacy is especially effective for those with dyslexia, providing them with the tools to become confident readers. To ensure your child can learn to read using structured literacy, it’s essential to find an educator or school trained to use this method.   

Dr. Jill Dunlap Brown

Dr. Jill Dunlap Brown, founding partner/CEO of CALE Education & Company, has been helping students and schools use the structured literacy approach to reading since 2005. “When I am not working with students at CALE, I am out in schools helping teachers learn how to use these processes with students,” she says. Brown says this method requires expertise and training to ensure each child learns directly from a teacher. “I’ve spent a significant amount of my career in this field,” she points out. “I’ve had the privilege of helping many children with their reading skills and have authored a book aimed at helping teachers with the same.”

Brown says each child is different, and at CALE, educators make it a priority to ensure all students receive the education that best fits their needs. “We believe in using assessment to determine the needs of each student and then matching that need to a specific learning plan that will ensure reading growth,” she says.

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