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Jenny Anderson

What are the latest trends in kitchen islands available to homeowners?

Design trends are evolving, yet kitchen islands will continue to be valuable additions to homes. A few of the current trends seen today include smart technology, whether in appliances or kitchen faucets. These options add convenience and control. Several kitchen faucet and appliance companies pair voice-activated technology to provide hands-free control for tech-savvy users. Built-in charging stations with USB ports or wireless chargers for smartphones and tablets make it easy for islands to be used as a home office or homework area and not just for food prep.

Jenny Anderson
Assistant Manager and Sales Consultant

Creating the right kitchen island can change your culinary space. It’s not just about aesthetics; functionality and fit are equally crucial.

Jenny Anderson, assistant manager and sales consultant for Designer Kitchens & Baths, says while incorporating a new trend into your design can be important, finding a team with the proper knowledge and experience is equally as essential for a successful remodel. “Our showroom staff combined has over 130 years of experience to assist clients in designing their dream kitchen or bathroom,” she says. Though Anderson has been with Designer Kitchens & Baths for more than 20 years, she says she plans to continue learning. “I am constantly learning about new products and staying up on the latest trends,” she says. “It’s a forever changing industry that is challenging but also rewarding.”

When customers work with Designer Kitchens & Baths, Anderson says they can rest assured that their satisfaction is guaranteed throughout the entire remodel or new build process.

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