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The Face of Medicare

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Kari Vogt of Senior Benefit Services

Helping seniors is something Kari Vogt has always been passionate about. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM and licensed agent for Senior Benefit Services, Vogt wanted to help fill the void she saw as many retirees have questions about Medicare and get overwhelmed by the process without many resources to guide them.

Since joining the SBS team nearly four years ago, Vogt says hearing stories from her clients and learning about their lives is the best part of her job. “I love hearing about their careers, retirement plans, travel plans and their family,” she says. “They all have so many wonderful stories to tell!”

Vogt knows that while retirement can be exciting, it also can be scary for a lot of people. “The fact that I can take one of the stressful parts of retiring off their plate and assist them with their Medicare and Social Security decisions fills my cup,” she says.

After turning 65, people are faced with all kinds of new decisions and choices that will forever affect their future, including health care. “Health insurance is one of their biggest worries as they retire,” Vogt says. “I want to guide them through the process.” While assisting seniors with Medicare, Vogt would frequently get asked questions about retirement and Social Security benefits. This motivated her to get her Registered Social Security Analyst ® designation at the beginning of the year. “I wanted to be more knowledgeable about Social Security benefits as well to better assist my clients, since 96% of people are not maximizing their benefit,” she says. The overall goal for Vogt is to be the expert that anyone can feel comfortable calling or reaching out to when confronted with these large life changes.

Throughout her years of working with seniors, Vogt says she’s learned the importance of being kind to people, as it’s impossible to know what they might be going through. Many clients reach out with recent diagnoses or anxiety about leaving the workforce, she says. Other times, it’s the children reaching out looking for information on their declining parent. “All of these situations are very delicate, stressful and life changing, so it’s just so important to be genuine and kind,” Vogt says.

The best part is all Medicare services are free, Vogt and her team just want to make sure people are getting all the benefits and savings available.

SBS represents more than 50 of the top-rated life and health insurance companies with which you may already be familiar. It is Vogt and her team’s purpose to ensure every client and their family receives the service and ease of mind that should come with proper insurance coverage. While plans, needs and situations might change, SBS is committed to walking with you through all of it.

While working with seniors is Vogt’s life’s passion, she enjoys spending time outside of work with her husband and two children, and also enjoys baking.


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