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The Face of Personal Injury

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Sticklen & Sticklen Law Firm

Experiencing great trauma can cause immense stress, and the last things you should have to think about are medical bills or other financial burdens. Luckily, the partners at Sticklen & Sticklen Law Firm are here to help you.

Both Charles Sticklen Jr. and Sarah Sticklen-McDonnell were inspired to get into the legal profession by family. Sticklen’s older brother is a long-time Columbia attorney, while Sticklen-McDonnell found her passion while watching her father, Sticklen. “The truth is I’ve never met another lawyer who enjoys his job more than my dad enjoys his,” she says.

Now, Sticklen-McDonnell is able to find her own enjoyment in the field, which she does every time she is able to assist someone in the community. “I like meeting new people, I like helping my clients, I like making money for my clients and I like fighting big insurance companies on behalf of other people who can’t fight for themselves,” she says.

Sticklen agrees, saying his job sometimes makes him feel like a modern-day Robin Hood. “I love that this is what I do for a living: Representing injured people against insurance companies,” he says.

While helping people is a main part of the job, it doesn’t come without a fair share of difficult and emotional cases. Sticklen-McDonnell says her first multimillion-dollar case involved the wrongful death of a motorcyclist, where she represented the decedent’s family. “Our young motorcyclist had an infant daughter as one of his survivors and she would now grow up without her dad,” she says. “I really wanted to do right by the family.”

No matter the circumstance, Sticklen & Sticklen is here to help. They know that there always will be a need for their services and today’s technology allows the firm to help people regardless of location. “Our services are available to people no matter where they live, the extent of their injuries or their ability to get to a law office in person,” Sticklen-McDonnell says.

Since 1991, the attorneys at Sticklen & Sticklen have worked exclusively with accident victims as they are one of the pre-eminent car accident, workers’ compensation and personal injury law firms in the region. Since the firm’s founding, Sticklen & Sticklen has earned over $150 million in settlements and judgments for their clients.

Sticklen and Sticklen-McDonnell are both graduates of the University of Missouri School of Law and continue to support the local law school. “My husband and I can often be found at law school functions and judging various law school competitions,” Sticklen- McDonnell says.

And another Sticklen soon will be headed to study there, as Sticklen’s youngest son, William, will start in the fall.


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