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The Face of Signs

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Society lives off signs. Whether it’s a business sign, a road sign or a digital sign, each serves an important purpose.It’s why David Goodson is proud to be president andCEO of Impact Signs Awnings Wraps, Inc., where the mission is to help businesses thrive. “It gives me a sense of pride that our company can help them with their visual communication and branding needs, so that their businesses can grow and succeed,” Goodson says.

Impact Signs Awnings Wraps, Inc. offers a wide variety of products and services, ranging from custom in-house design, fabrication and installation of custom signs, decals and electronic displays, as well as a full line of printed products and custom wraps.

While Impact Signs Awnings Wraps, Inc. is the fastest growing, most trusted service provider throughout the central United States, Goodson says technological advancements will only help the company grow further throughout the next five years. These changes will “allow us to bring better quality and more value to our customers with the products that we manufacture or produce,” he says.

For Goodson, helping others flourish is just one reason why his work often feels more like an enjoyable hobby. “As the saying goes, ‘If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,’ and I think that certainly rings true for me,” he says.

Goodson also enjoys getting to know new businesses and members of the community, whether they are business owners, managers, executives or other professionals. Regardless of their background, Goodson knows the importance of treating each customer well in order for a business to succeed. “It’s all about people,” he says. “The way you should interact and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Knowing that my word and handshake have value and integrity.”

While there are several projects that stand out in his26 years, Goodson says the Columbia Mall pylon sign on Stadium has been particularly memorable as it has become “such an icon in the Columbia skyline.

Impact Signs Awnings Wraps, Inc. is customer-focused and results-driven, leading to great results for a customer’s brand and image. “We take pride in providing our mid-Missouri clients with unmatched customer service and signage products of the highest quality standard,” Goodson says.

In 2022, Goodson was inducted into the SignIndustry Hall of Fame for his work contributing to and bettering the sign industry for customers, employees and vendors. Throughout the past 15 years, he also has served as president, vice president, treasurer, board member and adviser for the Tri-State Sign Association.

Outside of work, Goodson is happily married to his wife, Julie, who is executive vice president and co-owner of Impact Signs Awnings Wraps, Inc. Together, they have two children who both work in the business.


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