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What is the best foundation to start with for a collector car build?

For us, money is best spent up front, meaning spend it on the original car you intend on building upon. A lot of people might think the car they found in the back 40 for $500 is a steal, but those are typically riddled with rust and components that are no longer repairable. Instead, spend the extra money on a running and driving example of your dream car. Those that have had previous restorations are always best, as you’ll spend less when it comes to the time involved.

Tyler Willy

Tyler Willy, founder of GKR Motor Cars, grew up working on trucks and tractors, finding that building things “just naturally stuck with me.” Now, he is able to take that passion into all kinds of custom car builds for clients, using his expertise to ensure each client gets the best possible result for the best possible price. “We are passionate about cars and that translates into the work we do,” Willy says. “What we love most is talking about a client’s passion for cars and seeing their face when they finally see their dream car.”

Willy says when it comes to custom builds, what truly drives the cost up is time, so whatever a client can do to cut down on that will dramatically help the price and get the project done faster. “Custom builds can quickly increase in costs if an initial project is not fully inspected,” he says.

No matter what your dream car is, the experts at GKR Motor Cars can help make it a reality. That’s because they know that it’s more than just a car. “We understand that a custom car is not just a product to buy. It is an experience, and we include the clients so they are able to place their personal touches,” Willy says. “They get what they want and will remember the process forever.”

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