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Carpet options

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Picking the perfect flooring is a daunting task, since options are always changing, and manufacturers continue to produce new and improved products.

When it comes to vinyl flooring, the next decade will focus on bold, creative styles, as well as natural beauty to enhance the warmth of your home and, of course, durability. For wood floors, different textures are taking the lead, whether it includes using a wire brushing technique to give your floors a more dynamic look or band sawn textures to give the floor a more imperfect, hand-crafted appearance.

Once you pick the perfect look for you, installation is the next step. First, talk with a professional to prepare the room and remove the old flooring. Then, it’s time to paint the room, if need be, before letting the professionals get to work.

No matter what the trend or look you’re going for, Carpet Values has everything you need for carpet, hard- wood, engineered wood, waterproof vinyl plank, waterproof tile and laminate, sheet vinyl, commercial carpet and carpet tiles.

Debbie & Mike ClubbDebbie & Mike Clubb, Carpet Values

Though Debbie and Mike Clubb have been the owners of Carpet Values for just one year, they’ve been rooted in the business for much longer.

Debbie Clubb’s grandfather, Melvin Hux, started Carpet Values before passing the business to her uncle, David Hux. Now, Mike and Debbie Clubb carry the torch into the next generation. “We are a family operation, so we are all very close, which makes for a great work environment,” Mike Clubb says.

Being a small, family business, Carpet Values can be there for each and every customer. “We are just a small business trying to make it in a corporate world,” he says. “We will always do our best to provide our customers with the best price and service.”

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