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Save Your Ash Trees

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The emerald ash borer is devastating ash trees in Columbia and across the nation. These small green beetles, native to Asia and first discovered in the United States in 2002, are rarely seen and will kill over 99% of all ash trees. They emerge in late spring and feed just under the bark, cutting off the nutrient supply to the tree and killing it in just a few years. By the time they are spotted, they have usually killed the top half of the tree. Branch die back, D shaped exit holes and woodpecker damage on the bark are evidence of their presence. All ash trees should be treated preventatively before beetle damage occurs, but the trees can often be saved if 50% or more of the leaves remain. The ash trees should be inspected by a professional after they leaf out. With previously marketed chemicals, there was no certainty that the tree would be saved, but at Korte Tree Care, we use the latest high-quality pesticide injected directly into the tree. This process must be repeated every two years and has been successful at saving more than 95% of the leaf canopy on ash trees.

The severe drought has stressed trees in central Missouri. Watering during a drought is the best way to help them, but micronutrient fertilizer also will help.

Joshua Korte, Korte Tree Care
Joshua Korte of Korte Tree Care

Since 1997, Joshua Korte has been helping people in Columbia take care of their property. He started while earning his degree at the University of Missouri School of Business. “We bring over 25 years of experience with trees in this particular climate. We can tell what has worked in practice rather than just theory,” Korte says. While Korte enjoys working with his employ- ees, another perk of the job is seeing and working with the variety of trees at different sites.

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