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Ways to Avoid House Disasters

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Disaster strikes

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Living in Missouri, we get hit hard by each season, from severe cold to sweltering heat and everything in between. This year, be prepared year-round to help avoid some of the home disasters that can come your way, regardless of weather.

As we approach summer, remember not to gather spent fireworks or put them in the trash next to the house, as some might still be live. It’s best not to burn candles in your home, but it’s especially important not to leave any unattended.

And while we hopefully won’t have to worry about this for a few more months, remember that when the weather starts to turn cold, you should disconnect any water hoses before they freeze. If you plan to be away from your home for a long period in cold weather, you also should consider turning your water off, since a power outage could leave your house cold enough to freeze pipes. Even with all the prevention possible, disasters still happen. If one happens to your home, don’t panic as there are professionals ready to help you.

Mark Canine, Missouri Restoration & Construction

Mark Canine

Missouri Restoration & Construction is always working to provide the amazing results that each customer deserves. What starts with an in-depth consultation, turns into your dream project, all within your budget. Owner Mark Canine loves assisting people, whether it’s a remodel or restoration. “We do our best to take care of our customers’ construction needs,” he says, adding that they have a lot of happy customers. At Missouri Restoration & Construction, there is a hardworking, trained and skilled team of experts to guide you through the process. “We understand how to dry out a water damaged home, repair a burned home and remodel kitchens, bathes, and more,” Canine says. Missouri Restoration & Construction will make an unimaginable situation stress-free and straightforward, so you can focus on getting your life back to normal.

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