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When is a Professional Cleaning Company Right for You?

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Finding a cleaning company you trust can be intimidating. How do you know if it will be the right fit? There are a couple of questions to ask yourself before beginning your search: How often will you need a cleaning service? Does your family or business have a specific budget in mind? When you are ready to find a professional cleaner to fit your needs, you want to ensure you get consistent, detail-oriented care from a company that offers eco-friendly products safe for everyone involved, even the furry members. Above all, you want to find a team that can expertly communicate with you to get the absolute best results for your home or business. Designating one primary professional per client when possible helps to ensure an excellent connection among all affiliated parties, as well as establishing a blanket of peace of mind for the clientele. The Cleanest, LLC can tackle just about any task in your home, put the final touches on your newly constructed or remodeled property, and help the moving process run smoothly. Whether it’s your personal home, a rental property/Airbnb or a commercial facility, you deserve a company that can alleviate all your cleaning worries. At The Cleanest, LLC, you can rest easy knowing you and your home or business are important to us.

Emily Haynes, Madisynn Dobbins, Robbye Lefevers & Suzanne Stackle, The Cleanest, LLC

Suzanne Stackle, Madisynn Dobbins, Emily Haynes and Robbye Lefevers
Suzanne Stackle, Madisynn Dobbins, Emily Haynes and Robbye Lefevers

The Cleanest, LLC began as a commercial cleaning company in June 2018 and started accepting residential clients just a few months later. Since then, they have provided service to nearly 100 homes and over 30 businesses in the Columbia area, giving their team the expertise needed to handle not only regular cleanings, but move-out and eviction cleanings, as well as new construction or remodel cleanup. Owner Emily Haynes says entrepreneurship has been worthwhile. “I believe that becoming a small business owner is one of the most rewarding positions one could fulfill.” Robbye Lefevers, a residential cleaner and trainer, says talking with customers is the most gratifying part of her position. “Most of all, I love hearing all the positive feedback from my clients,” she says.

For residential cleaner Suzanne Stackle, it’s the open conversation and emphasis on communication that stand out. “Emily Haynes has been nothing but open, communicative, and honest,” Stackle says. Madisynn Dobbins, another residential cleaner and trainer, agrees, saying she’s “grateful to work for such a kind boss and appreciative clients.”

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