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Gil Wilshire, MD, FACOG

Is egg freezing a good idea for me?

Egg freezing is an excellent option for women who would like to preserve their fertility options for the future. The most common situation involves a single professional woman who has not yet met “Mr. Right” and hears the proverbial clock ticking. Another is seen in women with a new diagnosis of cancer who have not yet had children. No matter the reason, seeking an expert to help you start your fertility journey is essential.

Gil Wilshire, MD, FACOG

Egg freezing can be a game changer for women, as it allows them to take charge of their fertility potential and decide when to have children! The number of eggs decrease in both quantity and quality over time, increasing the risk of infertility as a woman ages. Egg freezing allows women the opportunity to “stop the biological clock” and preserve her eggs at the age they’re frozen for future use. Seeing a fertility doctor to assist in your fertility preservation is critical if you’d like to plan ahead and time your pregnancy in the future.

Dr. Gil Wilshire, the physician at Missouri Fertility, says, “We like to treat everyone like family, and we’ll go to the ends of the earth to optimize a patient’s chance of success!” Making sure his patients find success is a passion for Wilshire, who says patient satisfaction means the world to him and his team. “If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed, so a successful outcome is our goal.” With egg freezing, that goal is allowing you to freeze eggs today for use tomorrow, so you can control your fertility as you age.

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