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Dr. Kent Willett

How can I make my smile beautiful again while staying relaxed during treatment?

Professionals are here to help people receive beautiful dentistry despite their fear of entering the dental office. Some patients want to feel comfortable and barely remember being in a dental office. These patients receive moderate sedation. It is accomplished with pills taken orally, no IV. You bring a driver, complete your dental treatment and leave ecstatic that everything is beautiful with the world and your smile is gorgeous.

Dr. Kent Willett

Dr. Kent Willett, cosmetic dentist at Willett Dental Associates, says he and his team work to help people gain confidence through their smile without causing fear. “We have been providing sedation solutions for 40 years to help people get that same sense of great self-esteem,” Dr. Willett says. “We just simply provide people with the treatment they desire, and they are totally relaxed during their whole appointment time with us.”

After experiencing his own trauma at the dentist, Dr. Willett decided people needed a positive experience when getting dental work. “Those memories still haunt me,” he says. “So, I pursued a different dental experience. An experience that even I would sit down for, then I knew I could care for my patients properly and comfortably who experienced fear and anxiety.”

At Willett Dental Associates, patients can rest easy knowing that they will be cared for and made to feel comfortable. “We will listen. We want to hear your stories about your fear. We understand your past pain and are determined to provide the best care and sedation for your situation,” Dr. Willett says. “You will leave happy. That is most important.”

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