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Abby McKay

By Inside Columbia

After struggling with her skin in high school and not knowing what products worked best for her, Abby McKay knew she wanted to help people find their confidence. “My whole job is dedicated to making you feel your best, and I love to do it,” says McKay, now owner and operator of Creating Confidence LLC.
But the journey to owning her own confidence studio wasn’t easy. McKay struggled with toxic workplaces, unable to find the right fit for her personality. After receiving some advice from her mother, she knew it was time to officially branch out on her own. “I was so nervous and scared, but one phone call with my mom saying, ‘you can do this,’ and I felt like I could do something great for myself,” McKay says.

After only being in business for a year and a half, McKay says she is so proud to be a “Woman to Watch.” “To me, it’s a mix of validation and pride,” she says. “It’s shown me that everything I’m doing is paying off.” At Creating Confidence LLC, McKay strives to make all her clients feel confident and taken care of, whether they need to vent, laugh or cry. “Whatever little pick me up you need, or even some words of encouragement, I’m here for you!”

She also wants everyone who walks through the doors to feel safe and supported. “I offer services for people of any shape, size, color or gender because everyone needs self-care, no matter the circumstances!”

For those who want to start their own business, McKay offers this simple advice: Stay confident in yourself and learn everything you can!

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