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Andrea Lyn Seppo

By Inside Columbia

Andrea Lyn Seppo has always been a planner. “I would plan tea parties for my siblings, detail life schedules for imaginary families and plan my entire college schedule at one time,” she says. As she got older, Seppo began to see just how useful her planning skills were, especially when it came to restaurants and banquet spaces. “It showed me how much I could put that planning to work,” she says.

Now the director of events and founding owner of Andrea Lyn Events, Seppo is able to constantly put her planning skills to work. “Seeing behind-the-scenes details — the more the better — fall into place makes me giddy,” Seppo says. No matter what a client requests, Seppo loves to tackle it and is always up for a challenge. “My spirit of determination pushes me to be a force to be reckoned with,” she says.

Community is important to Seppo and a key piece of wisdom that has shaped her business philosophy is “Expand your community, learn more about another person or business and ask, ‘how can I help you’.” she says. Seppo is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, VP of The Missouri Symphony League and member of ACA Business Club, as well as an active supporter of nonprofit organizations like Coyote Hill and Forum Christian Church. 

Whether you need help with a corporate event, wedding, private party or trade show, Andrea Lyn Events is there to transform event dreams and design memories. “We are more than just an event planner — we are a team of event industry professionals,” Seppo says, noting that with her team in place, you’ll be able to be a guest at your own event.

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