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Becky Erdel

By Inside Columbia

As a youngster Becky Erdel had an eye for design. Rearranging rooms in her parents’ home was a frequent event. Eventually, Erdel came to realize this behavior was more than a simple hobby. “It was my way of being creative with space. It became my passion,” Erdel says.

Now a designer at Girard Homes, Erdel says watching her clients light up when they see their new home is the best part of her job. “Every time I see a happy client enjoying their beautiful new home, it is so rewarding.” She says it’s essential to understand a client’s vision and their wants and needs, so communication skills are a must. “Excellent communication skills are of utmost importance,” she says. “You are selling yourself, as well as your ideas.” Unlike other companies, Erdel says Girard Homes respects the time of their clients and understands the realities that come with a home renovation. “We understand that the consumers often face the hassle of visiting multiple vendors to make selections for their homes, from the tile and flooring to lighting and more,” she says, noting that Girard Homes has a dedicated design center in the office. “It is a convenient one-stop shop that saves the customer time and simplifies the decision.”

Erdel hopes being a “Woman to Watch” will inspire other women to find work they love while getting to make a difference in the lives of others. “I am hoping to inspire young women to follow me in doing something they love, making people’s lives better by creating beautiful environments.” And even after finding your dream job, Erdel says the most important lesson to remember is never to stop learning. “Continually learning relevant information and keeping up with trends and styles keeps me fresh and excited about the industry,” she says.

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