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Dayna Glanz

By Inside Columbia

After being diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2017, Dayna Glanz wasn’t interested in a treatment plan that prioritized pharmaceuticals. Instead, she decided to travel to the St. Louis area once a week for sessions at OsteoStrong in Creve Coeur. She quickly saw the benefits and became more than just a believer; at age 67, Glanz became a franchise owner. “Having extensive experience as a nursing professional, it was a leap of faith to try a therapy that wasn’t mainstream medicine,” Glanz says. “After nine months, my bone density loss stabilized. In 18 months, I reversed the osteoporosis in my hips.”

By fall 2018, Glanz had started her own OsteoStrong franchise at Corporate Lake in Columbia, which is still going strong nearly five years later. “Within 18 months of weekly sessions, I had regained the endurance and vitality that enabled me to forget about retiring and bring the exceptional benefits of OsteoStrong to Columbia,” she says.

Now she has the only franchise in mid-Missouri, bringing the patented state-of-the-art OsteoStrong Spectrum machines to our community. Over time, this system can yield improved bone density, muscle strength and balance that together reduce the risk for falls, Glanz says. “And it is for all ages.”

Being part of “Women to Watch” is something for which Glanz is especially grateful. “I took a risk to own a business at 67, but my heart said how can I not share OsteoStrong when it created such a profound change in my life’s journey,” Glanz says. Though it can be time-consuming to run a business, Glanz says “it’s well worth the joy of seeing how it’s impacted the over 500 members who have benefitted from their weekly sessions.” And a bonus is getting to work with college students who serve as the coaches who supervise every member’s session.

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