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Dr. Barbie Sachs, Jennifer Gutierrez, Dr. Lyndsey

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At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, it’s all about finding relief — real relief — from pain. It’s a simple focus that drives every member of the team, all of whom have seen firsthand how needed that relief can be. Dr. Barbie Sachs, owner, CEO and physical therapist, says she has spent nearly 30 years working in physical therapy and has seen how some people are unable to get the help they need without surgery or medications that often come with side effects. “We are an integrative practice, meaning we have more than one practitioner making the decision on the patients’ health care,” Sachs says of the model at Achieve Wellness. “We use a holistic approach to address the concerns through regenerative therapies, functional medicine and hormone optimization.”

It’s a personal cause for Jennifer Gutierrez, managing director, who discovered the importance of proper nutrients on her overall health after years of experiencing recurring symptoms that could not otherwise be explained. “Once I began implementing changes, I couldn’t believe how much better I began to feel in a matter of months versus the years I had spent prior to get relief,” Gutierrez says. That began her deep dive into ways to experience better health outcomes, which led her to become interested in medical therapies that promote self-healing and regenerative medicines. 

Dr. Lyndsey Thorne, nurse practitioner, has also seen people suffer firsthand and believes it’s time more holistic methods were embraced. “It’s time we started treating the root cause of issues, instead of the symptoms,” Thorne says. “I hate seeing people suffer through medication side effects, unnecessary surgeries, etc. when we can help them with lifestyle changes, regenerative therapies, weight loss and much more.” 

Through the work done at Achieve Wellness, the team has been able to see the impact made on people’s lives. Sachs says some of the most meaningful moments in her career have been seeing patients get back to enjoying life without restrictions or pain. Thorne recalls one particular patient who was able to get down on the floor to play with her grandchildren for the first time in five years. “She cried happy tears; I love happy tears,” Thorne says. 

Being part of “Women to Watch” is something Gutierrez says helps build a community of women who can help others feel empowered. “There are so many talented people in this world,” Gutierrez says. “Knowing that, and the potential they bring, is incredible. Being part of that community makes me feel inspired.” 

All three women emphasize the importance of having a good team in place, both to support patients and to support each other. “It is our amazing team that is helping improve lives and treat chronic pain,” Thorne says. And through that team effort, Sachs says Achieve Wellness will be able to make a real impact on the health and quality of life for many in mid-Missouri. “We are going to make a big impact in central Missouri on helping patients avoid surgery, reduce their reliance on medications and regain the ability to live the life they dream without physical limitations,” Sachs says.

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