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Dr. Diana Coats

By Inside Columbia

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Diana Coats has always had a love for plants and helping people. When an opportunity came along to chase her dreams, Coats, now the vice president of operations at Good Day Farm, couldn’t pass it up. “I made my way back to (Missouri) to join the emerging industry in a place I love, with an opportunity to produce amazing products and work with great people.”

It was this leap of faith that has led Coats to the career she has today. “It has been a challenging but rewarding path to where I am now!”

Good Day Farm is a new business in what is essentially a new industry, which Coats says has been beneficial for the community. “We have been able to bring new opportunities for the community through jobs, training, new tax revenue and community participation that were otherwise not realized,” she says. “It is not often a whole new industry pops up!”

For someone looking for a career in the cannabis industry, Coats says it’s important to, “never stop learning and never stop challenging yourself. Find people that you can bounce ideas off of, provide you with constructive feedback, challenge your thinking and push you to develop as a professional.”

At the end of the day, Coats says the team at Good Day Farm focuses on challenging themselves while keeping their core values intact. It’s all about “good products, good people, good day!”

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