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Heather Martin

By Inside Columbia

Although Heather Martin was recruited into the mortgage industry, she quickly realized it was the perfect fit as she began to connect with people and realize how much she could help in making the home buying process easier. “Everyone deserves to own their home if that is what they want and I want to be able to help them achieve that,” Martin says.

Since then, Martin has been able to help many families achieve their dream of home ownership, including some who thought that it may never be possible for them. Because each loan is different and unique to match the different people and scenarios, Martin says she has been able to have a wide variety of experiences. That has allowed her to gain the expertise needed to thoroughly work through the process with each client to ensure they understand everything as they near the closing date on their new home. “The amount of feedback and pictures that I get from people with appreciation of having a house to call their own for their family is the most meaningful,” she says.

Being part of “Women to Watch” for Martin means that she is making valuable contributions in her field, overcoming challenges along the way, while keeping her determination strong. “I want everyone to know that success doesn’t have boundaries,” she says. “You just have to work hard and be honest to the people that you help. That goodness will come back to you.”

For other women considering entering the mortgage industry, Martin says it’s important to celebrate the wins and keep a balance by surrounding yourself with good people. “I have met so many great men and women in this field that are so amazing,” she says. “These people keep me balanced.”

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