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Holly J Greenup

By Inside Columbia

Holly J Greenup has always loved art, but she had always focused more on drawing and painting. It wasn’t until college that she began to find her true passion in film and digital photography, taking photos of friends and family in 2012 and slowly starting to build a client list.

In 2019, she launched her part-time photography business into a full-time job. Holly J Greenup Photography specializes in photography of newborns, kids and families. “I am trained to handle and pose newborns safely and beautifully,” Greenup says. “I know how to talk to active, uncooperative toddlers.” For someone looking to begin a career in photography, Greenup says it’s important to keep learning and never give up, no matter the challenges. “Stay the course, even when you lose motivation,” she says. “The hard work and effort you put in will all be worth it when you see your business succeed.” Being a “Woman to Watch” is evidence Greenup’s hard work is paying off and she says she’s especially thankful “to everyone who has supported my business and helped me grow.”

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