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Jen Hedrick

By Inside Columbia

Jen Hedrick has always had a drive to create. As a child, she was always building with Lego bricks and Lincoln Logs, sketching, painting and drawing floor plans. Combined with her natural aptitude for math and science, architecture seemed like a perfect fit for Hedrick.

Now president of SOA Architecture, Hedrick is able to put her expertise to work for the Columbia community. “When construction ends and a building is occupied, it is extremely rewarding to see how the spaces we design transform the lives of those who use them,” she says. “Patients and their families experience more pleasant healing environments. Organizations experience increases in productivity, staff recruiting, satisfaction and retention. Students experience learning environments tailored for their success. It’s why I do what I do. I enjoy enhancing how people live, learn, work, heal and play.”

At SOA Architecture, clients receive wholistic, total design services that marry the exterior and interior design for a cohesive vibe. Using software that produces 3D virtual models of spaces and buildings allows clients to fully understand and visualize the final product. “Our clients are able to make confident, well-informed decisions throughout the design process,” Hedrick says.

Being part of “Women to Watch” is something for which Hedrick is very proud, noting how many women before her have done more with less. “I have been blessed with incredible opportunities and credit much of my success to an unwavering support network on whose shoulders I ride,” she says. “I care about how my actions, involvements, and projects impact the local and regional community as well as the environment.”

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