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Kaitlyn Nolte & Samantha Woolridge

By Inside Columbia

At Regeneration Salon & Spa, the goal has always been to provide a comfortable environment for people to be themselves. “We both wanted a salon and spa where people feel safe to work and experience services,” says Kaitlyn Nolte, co-owner. “We care for people, not just the business side.”

Co-owner and stylist Samantha Woolridge agrees, noting that every member of their team truly cares about each guest who visits. “We want you to experience relaxation, to have a place where you can truly be you with no judgment and feel confident,” Woolridge says. “Everyone deserves to feel like they are walking on air.”

For Nolte, being a “Woman to Watch” is not something she ever expected to be called. But now that she is, it’s both empowering and exciting. For Woolridge, it’s humbling to be among a group of local women who help others in their community.

One of the most important lessons both Nolte and Woolridge have learned along the way is to not be afraid of making a mistake. “We aren’t perfect, we make mistakes and we have days where, unfortunately, we don’t deliver at our best,” Woolridge says. “But we aren’t afraid to admit when we’ve made a mistake and we will do what we can to correct that because we want to make sure you look and feel your best!”

Nolte says there are so many different techniques and people to learn from that it’s important to remember everyone is unique in their own way. “Nothing and no one is perfect,” Nolte says.

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