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Leslie Shock, M.D.

By Inside Columbia

Becoming a doctor was a childhood dream for Dr. Leslie Shock. Plastic surgery combined her love of art, science and helping people. Following undergraduate study, Dr. Shock spent four years obtaining a medical degree and six years of technical training in plastic surgery. This spring, she opened Shock Plastic Surgery & Spa, a luxury spa and plastic surgery clinic.

“We uniquely provide a welcoming, full-spectrum approach that combines plastic surgery, medical spa and spa services to help you look and feel your best,” Dr. Shock says. “My team and I strive to use our advanced knowledge and training to professionally assist patients with all their surgical and wellness needs.”

As a mid-Missouri native, Dr. Shock saw the need for a luxury spa that allows people an escape. “I always think, just because we live in mid-Missouri does not mean we have to experience any less than big cities or destination locations. My business brings the services and luxury experience to Columbia.” Dr. Shock’s goal for her business is to create a welcoming environment for all individuals to discuss and treat their cosmetic concerns. “We offer services from the least invasive and relaxing to the most invasive and surgical.”

Dr. Shock says patients often ask her thoughts on what they should have done cosmetically, but her approach focuses on the end goal for each patient. By starting there, she outlines the options available and the best plan that works for them. “Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and I offer a conservative and personalized approach to enhance their features and make them feel more comfortable and confident,” Dr. Shock says. “Our entire team shares in this philosophy and is here to offer services of the highest quality to create personalized solutions.”

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