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Melissa Kinkade, Carla Ciolli & Jennifer Miller

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At Trilogy Salon & Aesthetics, clients can get the absolute best in everything from hair care to skin care. Just leave it to the professionals, which in this case is the trio of owners, Melissa Kinkade, Carla Ciolli and Jennifer Miller.

Ciolli and Kinkade have had a love of hair and makeup for years. For Ciolli, it was a passion that started very early. “I was obsessed with scissors, wigs and any hair I could get my hands on from age 3,” she says.

While Kinkade’s passion developed later, it is no less strong. She began doing hair and makeup on her friends in college, finding the creative freedom especially attractive. “I thought I would like the ability to be creative on a daily basis and being able to assist women in feeling like the best versions of themselves,” Kinkade says.

For Miller, it’s been a bit of a different journey. Miller always loved helping women build confidence, doing it for many years through work in online fitness. But she wanted a more practical use of her nurse practitioner degree while still focusing on building confidence. “After one session of Botox, I was hooked,” Miller says.

At Trilogy, each owner has their area of expertise, which allows the salon to offer a wide range of beauty services. Ciolli handles hair services, as well as high-end wigs and toppers. Kinkade handles permanent cosmetics, such as eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattoos, as well as areola restorative tattoos for breast cancer patients. And Miller takes care of neurotoxin and filler treatments, as well as medical grade skin care. “All three of us continue to stay highly educated on these subjects and strive to perfect our consultation skills to make sure each client is getting what they want,” Kinkade says.

Being part of “Women to Watch” means each of these three professionals have reached a level where guests and colleagues alike can look up to them and trust them. “We believe that it means being women that collaborate rather than women who compete,” Miller says. “Women who choose to collaborate with other women are more successful!”

For those looking to start their own career, the trio offers a simple piece of advice — be patient. “Building a strong business doesn’t happen overnight,” Ciolli says. “It takes hard work and lots of dedication.”
And that hard work and dedication has paid off for Ciolli, Kinkade and Miller, who are proud to have created a space where women can feel completely comfortable asking for advice and getting beauty services. “When they come in our salon, we are helping women to be the best versions of themselves,” Kinkade says.

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