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Melodi Wisswell

By Inside Columbia

While Melodi Wisswell, owner and stylist at Platinum Paws, has always had a love and passion for animals, she never thought she would end up working as a groomer. “When I was younger, I thought about becoming a veterinarian,” Wisswell says. But, thanks to a job at PetSmart, Wisswell discovered that grooming dogs was where she belonged. “I loved it so much,” she says, noting that she quickly decided to get formally trained in dog grooming.

Now, Wisswell gets to spend her time as owner over her own grooming business, living out her dream and occasionally still having to pinch herself to remind her that this is in fact a reality. “As much as I’ve thought about owning my own business, it is still surreal to have it become true,” she says. “I could’ve never imagined not only owning my own business but also being featured as a Woman to Watch!”
Even as the owner of a business, Wisswell knows that she must continue learning in order to constantly improve her skills and techniques. After all, the most important thing for Wisswell and her clients is making sure every furry friend that comes through her doors has the best experience possible and truly becomes part of the Platinum Paws family. “Every dog that comes in, no matter how large or small, whether they get just a simple bath or a full haircut, each dog gets pampered with the ultimate spa day,” she says.

Unlike other pet grooming, Wisswell offers creative grooming, including stenciling, dye, nail polish and “eventual coat designs to any and all who want to have a bit of fun to their dog!”

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