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Phyllis Nichols

By Inside Columbia

Having a good work-life balance is what Phyllis Nichols considers to be the key to a happy and full life. She says it’s important not to focus so much on work that you miss out on life. “Don’t forget to make a life while you are making a living,” she says.

Thanks to State Farm Insurance, Nichols has been able to find this balance for herself while helping provide protection to clients when they need it most. “I had the power to give protection to someone who is in their darkest moment, and to see their hope for the future in spite of the pain when they realize that they are going to be okay.” While she can’t take the pain away, Nichols says knowing she is helping to ease it is a win. “I can lessen the stress that they have to deal with, by providing protection,” she says.
When working with clients so closely every day, Nichols says good communication is vital. “You have to maintain an open line of communications to ensure that your people know what is going on and what to expect along the way.” Insurance can be confusing, so it’s essential to ensure the process is easy for clients to navigate. “Whether that be writing a policy or helping to process a claim, there are ways to give good guidance and let your clients know that they have someone in their corner that cares,” she says. No matter the circumstance, Nichols says she will be there for her clients through anything. “I try to help my folks through any situation, no matter the time or effort it takes.”

Nichols hopes being a “Woman to Watch” will inspire other women to believe in themselves and “allow themselves to become successful without having regrets,” she says.

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