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Sabrina McDonnell

By Inside Columbia

For Sabrina McDonnell, her outstanding career in banking all goes back to her mother. Since childhood, McDonnell says her mother would talk about how much she enjoyed her job, the customers and coworkers. After experiencing it herself, McDonnell says she fell in love with the work. “Bankers help people connect their ideas, goals, and dreams with their savings and financing needs,” she says. “It’s so very rewarding to see customers achieve their potential in a way that ensures their peace of mind.”

Not only does McDonnell enjoy helping customers, but she has a soft spot for her coworkers. “I love helping our bankers enjoy their job while they reach their personal career aspirations,” she says. In fact, helping her coworkers reach their goals has been some of the most memorable moments in her career, whether it was hiring someone for a new job or tapping someone for a special project. “It really feels good to see someone else enjoying a new opportunity,” she says.

One of McDonnell’s goals throughout her career has been never to stop learning. “Whether it has been learning a new aspect of financial services or pursuing my MBA at 50, each opportunity has been invigorating and, I feel, has helped me make a greater impact on my organization and community.”

For someone looking to get into a banking career, McDonnell says it’s essential to challenge yourself and not “shy away from the areas that intimidate you.” She says she hopes to be the role model someone needs to gain more confidence to reach their own goals and dreams. But ultimately, she comes back to her own personal goal as one of the best pieces of advice: never to stop learning. “If that happens for you, you should be willing to take on bigger challenges in the community and eager to respond in a way that also helps others succeed.”

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