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Sarah Harley

By Inside Columbia

Sarah Harley is passionate about helping others — it’s what led her to real estate, where she works each day to ensure everyone has an opportunity to find a home. “Housing is hard to find, especially for those with lower credit scores, but we all deserve a place to call home,” Harley says.

For Harley, being a “Woman to Watch” means setting an example and being a source of encouragement for others, especially in dark moments when it can be hard to keep going. She knows from experience the importance of not giving up and continuing to move forward, even when all you can take are baby steps. Harley says she wants to be a resource for those who need it and be there to understand their struggles and celebrate their wins.

“Each home sold, every commercial property obtained or renter placed is a blessing to see others step into a new chapter in their life,” Harley says.

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