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Shawna Neuner

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Shawna Neuner has 30 years in the real estate industry and is going strong. She has recently partnered with other members in real estate to develop a new brokerage called Boulevard Realty.
Neuner found her specialty in real estate by working on her personal investment properties. In owning her own rental properties and not knowing everything, she was determined to learn how to make them successful by doing extensive research on related topics and the industry itself.

Neuner first officially entered the real estate industry in 1993, working for a title company as a receptionist, building her skills by earning her insurance license and eventually leading the final title department with a team working under her. She then, with her husband, founded CoMo REI, a real estate investors group for mid-Missouri, in 2016. “My experience with our rental properties combined with my teacher’s heart, led me to focus on investment properties and first-time home buyers.” The group’s focus is to create a positive learning environment for new and experienced investors to meet and share tips and tricks for success in property investment.

Five years ago, she earned her real estate license to aid with her investment property portfolio and “quickly learned that I have the skills, connections and passion to succeed as a Realtor®.” Along with working in real estate, Neuner is incredibly involved in her community including being a graduate of both Columbia Board of Realtors and the Missouri Realtors® leadership academies. “When you can have empathy for other perspectives, you will find better solutions for all parties.” The ability Neuner has to see other perspectives is enhanced by her many community activities; not only does it help her grow as a person, but it also gives her an opportunity to give back to her community. She has participated in civil organizations, is currently sitting as a board member of the Columbia and Missouri Apartment Associations, has been a member of the Engagement Committee for the Missouri Realtors® and is an active attendee of state, regional and national conventions of Realtors®. She has also participated on the Upward Mobility Workgroup for Boone County and served on the Mayor’s Task Force for Fair Housing in 2018. Additionally, Neuner is a very active member of her church. “Faith guides my choices.” Being a “Woman to Watch” for Neuner means being a part of a group of women who are “willing to stretch past their comfort zones to grow, learn and share with others around them.”

Now, a real estate broker and partner at Boulevard Realty, Neuner says it’s important to always keep the bigger picture in mind. If you are looking to join the industry, Neuner has some words of wisdom, “Do not be afraid to do something new.” She also says it’s important to pick your battles. “Not every problem is my problem to solve. It’s important to use your tools effectively; ask for help! We achieve more together than separately.”

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