Coley’s to close

Coley’s American Bistro, 15 S. 6th St., has announced plans to permanently close after Saturday, Nov. 13. In a Facebook post Wednesday night, owners Brian and Kerri Coley said it was “a bittersweet decision but it is the right one for us.” “Throughout the pandemic, we have been strongly supported by our community,” the post […]

Murry’s “Rings” in New Era

Rumors have been swirling for months, but final ownership plans are now pending. The sale of Murry’s, a favorite Columbia restaurant for more than 30 years, is pending to new local owners. Former MFA Oil CEO Mark Fenner and long-time Murry’s manager Angie Sampson, along with Sarah and Jesse Lark, are purchasing the iconic restaurant […]

Forward Focus

The beginning of the new decade didn’t go the way anyone had expected, with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on both small and large businesses, as well as consumers. With 2020 officially in the rearview mirror, local leaders are looking forward to


Hiring for Attitude

Whenever you’re sifting through resumes to hire for a new position, it’s often tough to weigh candidates who are more experienced and qualified against those who have a great attitude but not as many years in the profession. Hiring for attitude over experience is a strategy that smart companies employ, and more often than not, […]


Simple Starts

Photos by L.G. Patterson Admittedly, Clayton Neuner may be a little green when it comes to business, but that hasn’t stopped him from establishing a small startup and learning as he goes. At 18, this Columbia native’s venture began to manifest in a Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School art class when he asked his […]

The Right Fit

Photos by L.G. Patterson Columbia’s human resource professionals use every tool at their disposal to best fill positions and retain employees for their companies and organizations. In August, a group sat down to lunch at the CEO Roundtable to discuss Columbia’s job market and the challenges and opportunities they face. Inside Columbia Publisher Fred Parry, […]

Economic Development in Missouri

Every day, Missouri is engaged in a global competition for jobs, business expansions and relocations, and private sector investment in our economy. In the 21st Century, businesses can locate nearly anywhere in the world, and we want Missouri to be their first choice. We compete in a variety of ways: by recruiting new businesses to […]

Meet Your Baker

Photos by L.G. Patterson From Pinterest to Etsy, consumers are on the lookout for unique art to brighten up their homes — and their party menus. Many of these consumers take notice of true craftsmanship, and are willing to pay a little more for a job well done rather than take on the risk of […]


Wonder Woman

It’s been said that the entire universe is contained in a single atom, but for Bea Doheny, the weight and wonder of the cosmos can be found on her wrist instead. As the owner and founder of the jewelry line AstronoBEAds, Doheny sits at the intersection of many realms: fashion and science, student and entrepreneur, […]


Boost Employee Morale

Every employer wants his or her team to work well together. Working toward a shared goal is one of the best ways to encourage bonding between your employees. And sometimes, you just have to kick back and have fun to really get people to open up. From fun to competitive, and at a variety of […]


Keeping The Pipeline Full

photos by L.G. Patterson Warmer weather is conducive to the construction of new buildings, roads and infrastructure, and the stakeholders coming together for the summer CEO roundtable at the Broadway Hotel are the designers, builders and growers of the Columbia community. Inside Columbia Publisher Fred Parry welcomes the group to the luncheon that features Broadway […]


COU Reaches New Heights

December 31, 2007 – (Columbia Mo) – Columbia Regional Airport – CLOSED. As a result of continued declines in passenger numbers and the inability to secure a reliable air service provider, the City of Columbia will close Columbia Regional Airport effective immediately. This was a headline and story that almost was. At the height of […]


Team Building

The team’s the thing. Although nothing can replace excellent management skills and a respectful work environment, more and more companies are getting their employees out of the office and into team building experiences. Their aim is to create strong teams, composed of people who trust each other and who enjoy working together. But before deciding […]


Beth Maddox: Trading Paths – From MD to GC

Photos by L.G. Patterson Had Beth Maddox followed her college career path, she’d be wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope draped around her neck. She’d probably be a resident physician at a local hospital preparing to become a board-certified member of Columbia’s vast medical community. Her name would be embroidered across the pocket […]


How To Be A Better Leader

Not all managers are great leaders. Some have the strengths to lead and rally employees while others are stronger when systematically executing plans. The key to being an effective manager is to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly. Business thrives when there is a balance between these two personality traits. While you […]


Quick Lane Opens In Columbia

Photos by L.G. Patterson A new service center that can assist with all makes and models of vehicles opened mid-January. Quick Lane is associated with Ford dealerships but technicians can work on all makes and models. Quick Lane is one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States. Jim Rollin, who came to Columbia […]

The Holy Grail in Health Care

High quality, low cost, instant access, online quick fixes, new technology, the costs associated with all of that and hospital food were topics on the table at a CEO Health Care Roundtable discussion in early February. Key Columbia stakeholders were present — Boone Hospital, MU Health Care and Harry S Truman Veterans’ Hospital, among others […]


What’s Happening In Real Estate

Last year was an interesting one for the Boone County residential real estate market. The market for 2016 was stagnant when compared to 2015. The sale of detached single family homes through the Columbia MLS system in the Columbia Public Schools territory were 1,880 in 2016 as opposed to 1,897 in 2015, which reflects a […]


Cobbling Together

Photos by LG Patterson Bob Wood, owner of Dawson Shoe Repair, takes his position each morning behind the vintage wooden and glass counter at his shop at 212 S. Eighth St. If he looks out the large storefront window directly before him, he can see the University of Missouri’s Lee Hills Hall. Inside the university’s […]


Hotel Tower Expansion

The Broadway Hotel opened for business in 2014, giving visitors a boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Columbia. The hotel also offered Columbia residents an eighth floor Rooftop Bar and meeting space with one of the best views downtown offers. David Parmley, owner of Chesterfield Hotels, Inc., which includes The Broadway hotel, explains the […]