Unique Antique

As a former art history professor, and now adjunct at the University, Julie Plax has a great appreciation for the ancient and the antiquated. It was this love that led her after many years to purchase one of Columbia’s oldest homes — and discover the personal connections the home seems to weave together throughout time. […]

Making Old Things New

HOMES TELL STORIES ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THEM — their struggles and their triumphs. They tell of quiet moments and loud celebrations, of dreams that come to life and others that are lost without warning. OUR HOUSE — specifically our new addition — tells all this and more. Its story is one of […]

An Attic Alteration

Kaitlyn & Will Schlacks decided to revamp their attic space in 2019 from insulation and rafters to a beautiful second living space with rooms for their two daughters, ages 6 and 12.