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Fit Fido, Fit You.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults should engage in 150 or more minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Among adults 60 years of age or more, walking is the most common form of leisure-time…

Animal Companion Co-workers

LOUIE, CLEMENTINE & MOLLY Visionworks Marketing Group 204 Peach Way. Suite H | When Visionworks owner Lili Vianello first started her business, she worked out of her home and had two dogs. That meant she…

Pets Vs. Children

Why is living with pets better than living with children? Veterinarian and father of three grown children Dr. John Williams gives 25 reasons why, starting with the fact that old newspapers are cheaper than Pampers.

Riding High

Riding High Two local horse riders, Liz Hotchkiss and Bill Wise, earn a national honor from the Dressage Foundation. Their dressage stories show there’s no one way to fall in love with this most graceful of equestrian sports.

Party Animals

Party Animals Feeling blue the holidays have passed? Dr. John Williams will give you several reasons to keep the party going with his list of wacky critter holidays to celebrate in 2014.

Healthy Friendships

There is a lot of tail wagging, belly rubbing and slobbery kissing going on in at least half of America’s families. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 46 percent of U.S. households have at least one dog and 39 percent of…

Animal Ambassadors

Last fall, a new coalition took root to give adoptable companion animals in Columbia a greater chance of finding homes. “No Kill Columbia was formed in October of 2011 as a result of a 45 to 50 percent euthanize rate at our local…