Looking Back At Boone County

This is a photo taken of 7th Street between Walnut and Broadway, looking north toward Broadway. The photo was taken around 1960. The building in the background on the left is Boone Tavern & Hotel. The original Daniel Boone Tavern opened for business on Sept. 1, 1916, and was known statewide until closing. For many […]

Looking Back at Boone County

The photo to the right is the Columbia Opera House, also later known as the Columbia Theatre. It was built by Josiah W. Stone. According to “The Writing of North Todd Gentry,” it featured 1,100 seats for “theatrical entertainments, musical comedies, moving picture shows…and political speaking.” The building would later see its top stories destroyed by […]


Yesteryear – Looking Back at Boone County

Can you guess the year this photo was taken in downtown Columbia? This photo depicts four stores on this street that were torn down and replaced in 1917 by a brand new hotel. Can you identify the name of the hotel, and what is in that location now? For this month’s contest, answer one of […]