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See A Ceramic Sensation

By Inside Columbia

If you’re an avid art fan, you should check out the free exhibits at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery. For a large portion of the gallery’s annual shows, students are the exhibiting artists. The current exhibit features a provocative work by MFA student Sean Lofton.

If you admire Frank Lloyd Wright, you’ll find Lofton’s exhibit, inspired by Wright’s Ennis House in Los Angeles, particularly fascinating. Even if you don’t know Wright from wrong, this modular meditation that questions the concepts of reality and ownership will make you question the concepts as well. Learn more here.

After Lofton’s exhibit, the gallery will host The Decadent Manosphere by MFA student Lisa Simms. The exhibit, which will run from April 11-21, “plays with themes of gender, consumerism and online misogyny.”

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