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Take A Poll (Or A Pole …)

By Inside Columbia

The Blue Note wants you to take a poll. Uh, a pole, actually. On Saturday, Feb. 12, at 8 p.m., come celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Muse Pole Fitness! The pole looks deceptively easy, but in reality, it requires quite a bit of upper body strength and finesse. It’s a great workout disguised as something else. So “strip” away your misconceptions and check it out!

According to the Muse website, “Pole fitness is a fantastic workout and form of expression for everyone thanks to its fun, supportive environment (and amazing results!)  In our classes you will find a family you never knew you were missing.  We are an all-inclusive studio and feel that pole should be accessible to anyone and everyone regardless of age, size, gender, or sexual orientation.  Whether you want to feel sexy, learn power moves, perform or just have a great time, there is a place for you here.”

Pole dancing itself has been said to originate from the traveling fairs during the American depression in the 1920s, where a group of dancers would entertain crowds in tents using a lot hip movements and suggestive dancing.

It’s been the subject of several movies, including “Hustlers,” starring Jennifer Lopez, and the more recent Netflix offering last year, “Strip Down, Rise Up.”

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