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Cosmo, Y107

G&D Pizzaria

Columbia, Missouri is blessed with many delicious places to score the perfect slice of pie, but there is only one “Best Pizza In Columbia” and that is G&D Pizzaria.

I picked G&D’s Greek style pizza because of the family atmosphere. G&D has been family owned and operated in CoMo for almost 45 years. I also love it because of that perfectly crispy, made-just-right-every-time crust! There’s no need to ask for extra cheese because G&D pizzas pack plenty of the good stuff.

DJ Pizza Battle

My favorite? Do a little dance with the Country Music Special with only the freshest meats piled high and served to your table just right! (See if owner Alex will give you the “real story” of how it got its name).

We celebrate baseball team wins at G&D and my son loves the pepperoni. Pro tip: Ask for a side of gyro tzatziki sauce and dip your pepperoni slice in that! OPA!!! So good.

Trevor, 96.7 KCMQ

Pizza Tree

Pizza Tree in Columbia is the single best pizzeria in town! The freshness of ingredients, the ideal consistency of their crust, and clever décor help slingshot it to the top of the other pizza options! 

Just one of the ways they’re set apart from other places is how you can order by the slice. They always have traditional pizzas ready for single slice snacking, plus they’ll rotate more creative pizzas in everyday so you can try out new styles! 

DJ Pizza Battle

All good pizza starts with the crust. And Pizza Tree’s crust is the perfect consistency. It has the right amount of chewiness with the ideal ratio between crust, cheese and toppings. 

While Pizza Tree has all sorts of funky flavor options, my favorite pizza has green peppers, pepperoni and tomatoes.

Pizza passion runs deep. Especially in this town. But if you think you have a favorite pizza joint, and haven’t tried Pizza Tree, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

DJ Pizza Battle

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