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Spring Into Wellness

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As the weather gets nicer and spring break is around the corner, the new year can still come with a lot of intentions and to-do lists. As you are setting your to-do lists, this is a good time to set your intentions as you spring into your own wellness.

Deep cleaning and decluttering the house are always great goals. However, now is a great time to look inward and declutter not only your house but your mind and body as well. Clearing your mind with a spiritual guide, meditation apps like Insight Timer or Calm, or even a Peloton app that offers yoga and a stretch workout would really get your body feeling at ease for spring. When I have a clear mind, everything in life runs a lot smoother and more efficient. My energy remains high, and I can serve people at a higher capacity all out of love rather than feeling drained.

A few tips as we approach spring:

  • Refresh your space. Sometimes adding a splash of color to your workspace, buying a new pillow or finding a new accessory can give your space a fun touch to enjoy being in it.
  • Revisit your yearly goals. You are close to the 90 day mark in 2024, so this is a good check-in to see how your vision board is going. Did you have financial goals? Physical goals? Home goals? Vacation plans to solidify? See if you are on track. If not, don’t sweat it. Refine them if they are still important to you or if you need to make some edits.
  • Update your wardrobe. Not only would purging be a good place to start, but each piece of clothing you own is a reflection of you. Do you like it? Love it? Got to have it? If it doesn’t fit or add to your joy, time to purge — give it a hug and let it go.
  • Spend time outside, getting a 30-minute walk in now that the days are longer is a great time to reflect on your day, re-evaluate what you loved about your day or week and make changes as you see fit. Try to do this without the distractions of phones or music. Really be intentional about quieting the space you are in and observing how you are feeling and what enters your mind.
  • Try getting up 10 minutes earlier to start your day at a slower pace. You may really like getting up when things around you are quieter. Plus, it can give you a chance to run your day with intentions rather than the day running you, and you feeling behind from the get-go.
  • Go makeup free for a weekend or even phone free for the entire (gasp) weekend. This is a great time to see how you can be present in the spaces you are in. If you go out with friends, be present. No phones on the table and enjoy the space you are in. You may find you have deeper, more vulnerable conversations without such distractions.

However you choose to spend your time, make sure you are really enjoying the spaces you are in and the spaces you are creating in your life. If it doesn’t serve you, whether it be relationships, jobs, meetings or even friend groups, then it’s time to make some edits to have the life you want.

dr. amanda alcamo

Dr. Amanda Alcamo is a chiropractor in Columbia at Restoration Chiropractic. She is very passionate about truth in health, as someone that has had three spinal surgeries by the time she was 22 years old with the end result of her spine being fused from T3-L4.  She lives in Columbia with her golden-doodle Sonny. She loves cycling, hiking and remaining active and healthy. You can follow her at @One_Restoring_Lives or @restorationchiropractic on Instagram.

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