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Springing Back Into Your Fitness Routine

By Inside Columbia

It doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but spring is definitely on the way. We’ve changed our clocks and now have an extra hour of daylight to take advantage of! It’s amazing what a little bit of extra daylight can do for your mood and motivation.

In the fall, when we turn our clocks back, it’s common to hear people talk about seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. The cold weather can make us want to cuddle up on the couch, sleep more and seek our favorite warm comfort foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good movie day on the couch and rest is a wonderful thing for your body! But a little fresh air is great too.

Now that the weather is warming up and we’ve got more time to enjoy the outdoors, it’s common to feel a change in your motivation or excitement levels. Maybe you’ve got a spring break trip to look forward to or you’ve been wanting to hit the trail after work but waiting until it’s still light out. But how do you get started?

There’s no secret sauce to getting started or resuming your fitness journey. It just takes a little bit of determination and planning. It can start with a quick walk around the block while you call an old friend to catch up or maybe you try that fitness class you’ve been interested in.

One thing that helps me is to schedule in advance. On Sunday evenings, or first thing Monday morning, I look at my planner (yep, it’s on paper AND it’s color-coded). I see what I’ve got going on for the week and I plug in where I can fit in an exercise class or a run with my pup. Then, once it’s on paper, it’s on my to-do list and I can cross it off when I’m done.

Another great motivator is having a buddy. Whether it’s for accountability or for company, get your heart pumping with a friend and I guarantee you’ll find that mood-booster you’ve been looking for!

Whether you’re just starting to get back into your routine or you’re shaking it up, be sure to listen to your body. Rest is just as important as movement. Some days, you may need a high-intensity workout to clear your mind, while other days, your body may crave low-impact movement. Take that into consideration and be patient with yourself. You’re worth it!

Jenny Dewar

Jenny Dewar is a transplant to Columbia from the suburbs of Chicago. She is co-owner and general manager of Pure Barre Columbia, where she also works as an instructor. In addition to her work in fitness and health, Dewar spent 15 years working in college athletics.

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