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The Benefits of a Morning Routine

By Inside Columbia

Does anyone else find it easier to get into a morning routine in the summer months? For me, the sun coming up earlier is motivation to get up and get moving. Of course, the birds chirping outside my window are early risers too.

Sometimes, my morning routine might be a cup of coffee on my porch before heading to work. Other days, I try to get my workout in before I get too distracted.

Is it better to exercise first thing in the morning? For me, I believe that getting your movement in whenever you have time is more important than what time it actually takes place. Maybe you like to take a walk at lunch or maybe you’re an evening gym-goer. It’s most important to enjoy the exercise that you’re getting.

However, if your schedule tends to get interrupted throughout the day, maybe morning workouts are for you. There are some benefits to getting your exercise first thing, and fewer distractions is one of them. Not only that, but exercise is a great way to clear your mind, so working out first thing in the morning lets you start your day with a fresh perspective and a sense of accomplishment. Look at that, you’ve already checked your morning workout off your to-do list before even taking a shower!

Your daily exercise routine also counts as a metabolism booster. Getting up and moving first thing in the morning may boost your metabolism, and it can lead to healthier choices throughout the day.

Thinking about making exercise part of your morning routine? Be sure you’re still getting your rest! If you set your alarm earlier, remember to adjust your bedtime accordingly. It does take a few weeks to adjust to a new routine, so just remember to stick with it!

Jenny Dewar

Jenny Dewar is a transplant to Columbia from the suburbs of Chicago. She is co-owner and general manager of Pure Barre Columbia, where she also works as an instructor. In addition to her work in fitness and health, Dewar spent 15 years working in college athletics.

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