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Learn more about Michael Aslanidis, co-owner of G&D Steakhouse’s, product launch!

Murry’s “Rings” in New Era

Rumors have been swirling for months, but final ownership plans are now pending. The sale of Murry’s, a favorite Columbia restaurant for more than 30 years, is pending to new local owners. Former MFA Oil CEO Mark Fenner and long-time Murry’s manager Angie Sampson, along with Sarah and Jesse Lark, are purchasing the iconic restaurant […]

Forward Focus

The beginning of the new decade didn’t go the way anyone had expected, with the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on both small and large businesses, as well as consumers. With 2020 officially in the rearview mirror, local leaders are looking forward to

The Journey of a Lifetime

Some power couples are driven by ambition to make a name for themselves. To rise to the top of their Veterinary Medicine profession. To gather power and prestige. Jimi and Cristi Cook are looking for

Randa Rawlins Takes The Wheel At Shelter Insurance

Randa Rawlins didn’t intend to make history, but she did. This past January, Rawlins became the 13th president of Shelter Mutual Insurance Company, the first female president in 75 years. In July, when current CEO Matt Moore retires, she will assume the title of president and CEO.

Driving Good Decisions

Megan Matthews, known in mid-Missouri as Coach Matthews, likes to help kids drive, whether it’s on the basketball court or behind the wheel. “I’ve been a coach most of my adult life,” she says.

Focusing on Forward

The best time to begin a new position as CEO of a major hospital probably isn’t in the midst of a pandemic. But that didn’t stop Troy Greer from starting work on Sept. 1 as the new CEO of Boone Hospital Center (BHC). Although he’s new to mid-Missouri as well, he already seems comfortable and […]

Economic Effects of a Pandemic

During many past nationwide disasters and downfalls, Columbia has tended to remain steady. However, no city or county was safe this year from the effects of COVID-19.

Sawdust Studios Owners Columbia MO

Sawdust Studios Opens Its Doors

Sawdust Studios, located at 2207 Nelwood, just off Route B and Vandiver Drive, is introducing Columbians of all ages and skill levels to the rewards of woodworking in a friendly environment.

On Par for Steady Growth

During the 35 years that Tim and Toby Rost have been growing their business, they have taken their company from a small mom-and-pop landscape service to a sophisticated cluster of interrelated companies. Visitors to Superior Garden Center, located on 15 acres just outside Midway, would be surprised at the range of enterprises that the couple […]

Back in Business

The last few months have shaken the business community to its foundation. While many are reeling from the instability in our local economy, it’s imperative that we find the opportunities in the shake-up. They’re there… if you look for them. Every change, while difficult, brings with it a chance to return smarter, stronger and better […]

A Tasty Business Expands

Changes are brewing at Camacho Coffee, a roasting and distribution business owned by Jesse Walters and Megan Meier-Walters. The business is expanding and will be moving early this fall to a new location at Copperstone Plaza, behind Addison’s on Vawter School Road. Currently, Camacho roasts and packages its coffee in a commercial kitchen it shares […]

Pivot Professionals

Many Columbia businesses were on track for a record-breaking year — until this March, when the first COVID case was reported in Boone County. Health officials imposed a stay-at-home order and closed businesses deemed non-essential, such as retail stores, to prevent community transmission. In the last month, we’ve seen a partial re-opening of the county, […]

COVID-19 In Columbia

Editor’s Note: Participants in this emergency CEO Roundtable discussion included: Matt Moore of Shelter Insurance Companies, Gary Thompson of Columbia Insurance Group, Susan Hart of Huebert Builders, Steve Erdel of Central Bank, Cameron Dunafon of Dunafon Enterprises, Connie Leipard of Quality Drywall, Dave Griggs of Dave Griggs Flooring America, Cris Burnam of StorageMart, Eric Morrison […]

Female Leaders Eye the Future

Being a female in the workforce doesn’t mean what it used to, but it’s not without its challenges. Although the glass ceiling may or may not be broken according to whom you ask, Columbia provides women with more options and diversity than many other cities, as the women in this issue’s roundtable will attest. In […]

A Novel Approach to Hastening Healing

Bluetail Medical Group is an unlikely name for a medical practice. And just as its name sets it apart from other more conventionally named groups, so does its focus. At the Columbia clinic, located on West Broadway, the focus is on regenerative therapy, an evolving branch of medicine that more and more patients are choosing. […]

Looking Ahead

2020 marks Boone County’s bicentennial, and for many local business owners and executives, it will introduce major changes. Top-of-mind? The Hyperloop, medical marijuana, Landmark Bank becoming Simmons First National, the NextGen Precision Health Institute, Columbia Regional Airport’s developments, use taxes and construction projects. In response to business trends in 2020, Inside Columbia Publisher Emeritus Fred […]

Five People to Watch in 2020

Everyone can make a difference in the lives of the people they know and care for. But some people are in a position where they can make a difference in the lives of thousands. Columbia is fortunate to be home to a diverse group of civic, educational and business leaders who are building a better […]

Preparing for Takeoff

A new day and a new terminal are coming for the tens of thousands of people who fly into or out of the Columbia Regional Airport each year. In November, the Columbia City Council unanimously gave its approval for the design/build method of construction for Phase 1 of the airport’s proposed terminal. Phase 1 will […]

Energy & the Environment

During just the past year, numerous disasters, both natural and man-made, have contributed to the climate crisis. Just this past August, a wildfire razed much of the Amazon rainforest — destroying trees that help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Problems such as this can seem far from home, but eventually […]