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inside columbia,como,columbia,missouri,mid missouri,central missouri,mid mo,central mo,winter,bucket list,things to do,cold,snow,ice,activities,ice fishing,ice skating,winter walk,holiday,magic tree,eagle watching,diy,craft,art,creative,como picnics,the roof,igloos,luxury,outdoors,cozy,sledding,Stephens lake park,rock bridge,twin lakes

Columbia’s Winter Bucket List: 10 Things to Do During Our Cold, Snowy Season

Photos by L.G. Patterson Winter in Columbia has arrived, whether you’re ready for it or not. And while spending the season hibernating inside can sound particularly tantalizing, there’s so much to do in our community during these cold, snowy months. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything this season, we’ve put together 10 […]

Johnny Johnson

A Positive Attitude is Always in Style at IV Ever Faded Grooming Salon

Photos by L.G. Patterson Tucked into an office building off Vandiver Drive, Johnny Johnson and his partner, Robert Bell, are quietly growing a business that offers good looks, good grooming and a positive attitude for their clients. About four months ago, they started IV (pronounced as the Roman numeral 4) Ever Faded Grooming Salon, a […]

Susan Schapira at the Rocheport General Store

Susan Schapira Takes Over Rocheport General Store

Photos by L.G. Patterson In June, Susan Schapira took over the Rocheport General Store as owner from Diane Dunn and John Zondca. She’s doing something she loves: cooking for the residents and visitors of Rocheport. Rocheport is where Schapira raised her kids and co-owned Abigails restaurant for many years. She started preparing food at the […]

Laurie Kingsley and Paul Wagner at Gallery 717

Gallery 717 Encourages All to View, Contribute and Take Miniature Art

Photos by L.G. Patterson Many communities have adopted the concept of little free libraries over the past decade, small boxes installed in neighborhoods that encourage anyone to take or bring books. But it’s not that common to see an art gallery version. Unless you frequent the area near Rollins Road and Westport Drive in Columbia. […]

Willie Morris

Quilts Piece Together Missouri’s Heritage

Photos by L.G. Patterson As part of Missouri’s bicentennial celebration, the State Historical Society of Missouri found the perfect way to weave the state’s heritage into a piece of artwork: the Missouri Bicentennial Quilt. In late 2018, the State Historical Society of Missouri and Missouri Star Quilt Co., in partnership with the Missouri State Quilters Guild, […]

Peggy Terzopoulos and Nick Rasmussen

Knot News: Peggy Terzopoulos and Nick Rasmussen Exchange Vows

Photography by the Marions Peggy Terzopoulos and Nick Rasmussen exchanged traditional vows in a minimal, non-denominational ceremony at the Atrium on Tenth, with the bride’s second cousin presiding. For the theme, Peggy says, “I wanted a more ‘romantic’ vibe, so we went with fewer pastel colors overall for decoration and flowers.” In a nod to an […]

Columbia's Cutest Couples

Local Love: Meet Columbia’s Cutest Couples

Photos by L.G. Patterson When spring is in the air, love is in the air. And we wanted to share some love stories.  So we asked you to nominate some of the cutest couples in Columbia, and you came through! Sixteen of the cutest CoMo couples we’ve ever seen were nominated and more than 450 […]

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Chefs Off-Shift

You’d think the last thing chefs want to think about once they’re off their kitchen clocks is food. And you’d be partly right: Turns out the local toques featured in our Foodie Four each have a different culinary creation or gastronomic go-to that they like to whip up once they’re home post-shift. We asked each […]


Sophie Cunningham usually knows better than to pay attention to the chatter on social media, but following Missouri’s loss at South Carolina on Jan. 28, she couldn’t help herself. This was three weeks after Gamecocks fans started calling her a “dirty” player during the Tigers’ home win over South Carolina. It was in the days […]

Victory Dance

What started as a tomato rescue project — yes, you read that right — in 2015 is now an heirloom seed and plant business providing Missourians..

Unique Antique

As a former art history professor, and now adjunct at the University, Julie Plax has a great appreciation for the ancient and the antiquated. It was this love that led her after many years to purchase one of Columbia’s oldest homes — and discover the personal connections the home seems to weave together throughout time. […]

Home School

This summer, when parents were forced to realize that the coronavirus pandemic would derail Columbia Public Schools’ status quo well into the fall semester — if not well into 2021 — they were faced with a practically impossible task: Get their children educated without the everyday infrastructure and built-in resources of a classroom. Any parent […]

Dueling DJs

When it comes to a traditional buffalo style wing there is no other option in Missouri than CJ’s hot wings in downtown Columbia. If you don’t think they have the best wings in CoMo than one has never touched your lips. Once you’ve had CJ’s, no other wings will do. Each wing is lathered in […]

The Reigning Pump-king

It was a friend who first planted the seed for the idea. After hearing how much fun Jacob Leffert had growing pumpkins, RJ Bechtold decided to plant a patch himself, and got permission from his Dad to use a one-acre plot behind his family’s business, the Midway Truck Stop.

Hometown Heroes

As Columbians battled their way through the stay-at-home order, personal quarantines, working from home with their spouses and schooling their kids over the past several months, one thing stood out. Well, several people and businesses stood out. While everyone did their part staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, some members of our community […]

Heartfelt Gesture

Michele Spry takes giving back to heart. The business she and her husband Brandon run, Midway Electric, Inc., is a Partner in Education with Midway Heights Elementary School and she’s also involved with Central Missouri Honor Flight and Honor Everywhere. In addition, three years ago, she donated her wedding dress to Real Imprints through the […]

From Loss to Legacy

When not working her day job at Flat Branch Home Loans, Jessica Robertson-Capell volunteers as president of the nonprofit Armani’s Angels. She manages the organization with a board of eight other women, all of them volunteering countless hours in the name of its mission: fundraising and providing support to people with pets in need of […]

New Decade, New Coach

“In closing, this is an incredible place at an incredible time …” For one pregnant pause, Eliah Drinkwitz gathered himself at the podium. This wasn’t unfamiliar territory; after all, he’d given a speech a lot like this just 359 days earlier, to a room filled with dignitaries and pundits and dreamers like these. Perhaps the […]

50 People, Places, and Things that are So Columbia

People J’den Cox Hometown hero J’den Cox easily captured Columbia’s heart with his winning moves on the wrestling mat, first for Hickman High School and then at the University of Missouri, where he was a three-time NCAA Division I national champion and four-time All-American. But he would go on to capture much more: a bronze […]

Beyond Bread & Butter

When you think of baked goods in Columbia, Uprise Bakery and bleu probably come to mind. But there is a much smaller — okay, a one-person — bakery you should be considering. Julie Hutton, owner of Frenchy Treats, bridges the 4,000-mile gap between Columbia and France with authentic French pastries. Specializing in macarons and croissants, […]