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January 17, 2022

Win A Wedding!

If you're engaged but have put your "I Dos" on snooze, maybe 'cuz you can't fund the fun, Y107 is giving away a chance for five lucky couples to get married on Valentine's Day at The Blue Note! You have until Thursday, Jan. 20, to submit…

Another Reason To Feel Like A Star

One local bridal shop recently posted on Facebook how excited they are about the new gowns they have coming in, saying, "Gowns for our brides with amazing curves are coming soon." Star Brides' goal is to be able to help all brides of all…

Pose Like Pros

Wedding photos are a prized part of every couple's big day. But just like wedding dresses and menus, styles change. Here's a snapshot of the hottest trends in wedding photos and videos for 2022 from some experts in the industry courtesy of…