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A Writer’s Passion

By nature, Gladys Swan is an explorer and a creator. In both painting and writing, Swan patiently waits for her work to evolve and explain itself. “What comes to me and through me, I play with,” says Swan. “What happens after that or how…

Crewless from Seattle

You don’t see this every day, not on a Midwest neighborhood side street. Riding my bicycle home from the MKT Trail, I cut through one of Columbia’s stately old neighborhoods, a sweet spot tucked behind Garth and Rollins streets, populated…

Art Onstage and Off

The November entertainment calendar in any college town is bound to be a little lopsided. There’s usually a flurry of shows and activities during the first few weeks before things quiet down following the Thanksgiving egress. Quietly,…

The Bridge

I was running late. Hannibal was still an hour away. So I took a short cut. My car was making good time on the back roads, slicing down straightaways that squeezed between flat soybean fields, where traffic is sparse. The phone lines…


Photo courtesy of L.G. Patterson Anand Prahlad, the director of creative writing at the University of Missouri–Columbia, is known for his engaging teaching style, work in folklore, mbira music and poetry. Recently, Prahlad diverged from…


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