Women to Watch

Having a good work-life balance is what Phyllis Nichols considers to be the key to a happy and full life. She says it’s important not to focus so much on work that you miss out on life. “Don’t forget to make a life while you are making a living,” she says. Thanks to State Farm Insurance, Nichols has been able to find this balance for herself while helping provide protection to clients when they need it most. “I had the power to give protection to someone who is in their darkest moment, and to see their hope for the future in spite of the pain when they realize that they are going to be okay.” While she can’t take the pain away, Nichols says knowing she is helping to ease it is a win. “I can lessen the stress that they have to deal with, by providing protection,” she says. When working with clients so closely every day, Nichols says good communication is vital. “You have to maintain an open line of communications to ensure that your people know what is going on and what to expect along the way.” Insurance can be confusing, so it’s essential to ensure the process is easy for clients to navigate. “Whether that be writing a policy or helping to process a claim, there are ways to give good guidance and let your clients know that they have someone in their corner that cares,” she says. No matter the circumstance, Nichols says she will be there for her clients through anything. “I try to help my folks through any situation, no matter the time or effort it takes.” Nichols hopes being a “Woman to Watch” will inspire other women to believe in themselves and “allow themselves to become successful without having regrets,” she says.

Phyllis Nichols

Having a good work-life balance is what Phyllis Nichols considers to be the key to a happy and full life. She says it’s important not to focus so much on work that you miss out on life. “Don’t forget to make a life while you are making a living,” she says. Thanks to State Farm […]

Sarah Harley

Sarah Harley is passionate about helping others — it’s what led her to real estate, where she works each day to ensure everyone has an opportunity to find a home. “Housing is hard to find, especially for those with lower credit scores, but we all deserve a place to call home,” Harley says. For Harley, […]

Amber Klempke

Amber Klempke and her husband have been helping people buy and sell their homes for the past six years. “We love what we do and wouldn’t change a thing,” she says. For Klempke, working in real estate isn’t just a job; it’s about making a difference in people’s lives while simplifying what can be a […]

Melodi Wisswell

While Melodi Wisswell, owner and stylist at Platinum Paws, has always had a love and passion for animals, she never thought she would end up working as a groomer. “When I was younger, I thought about becoming a veterinarian,” Wisswell says. But, thanks to a job at PetSmart, Wisswell discovered that grooming dogs was where […]

Jen Hedrick

Jen Hedrick has always had a drive to create. As a child, she was always building with Lego bricks and Lincoln Logs, sketching, painting and drawing floor plans. Combined with her natural aptitude for math and science, architecture seemed like a perfect fit for Hedrick. Now president of SOA Architecture, Hedrick is able to put […]

Leslie Shock, M.D.

Becoming a doctor was a childhood dream for Dr. Leslie Shock. Plastic surgery combined her love of art, science and helping people. Following undergraduate study, Dr. Shock spent four years obtaining a medical degree and six years of technical training in plastic surgery. This spring, she opened Shock Plastic Surgery & Spa, a luxury spa and plastic surgery clinic. “We uniquely provide a […]

Yvette Chambers & Angie Nickell

For Angie Nickell and Yvette Chambers, being able to help families is their driving force at ParentLink. “We work with kinship caregivers to prevent what they can, manage what they must and reduce the impact of adverse childhood experiences to help children thrive,” says Nickell, associate director of Kinship and New Programming. ParentLink, within the […]

Alissa Gerke

Alissa Gerke, Broker and owner of Select Realty Group, started her company 10 years ago and has worked hard to ensure continuous growth year over year. “Real estate can be a very rewarding and exciting career, but it also requires a lot of problem solving, negotiating and consistent hard work,” Gerke says. “While the real […]

Holly J Greenup

Holly J Greenup has always loved art, but she had always focused more on drawing and painting. It wasn’t until college that she began to find her true passion in film and digital photography, taking photos of friends and family in 2012 and slowly starting to build a client list. In 2019, she launched her […]

Kaitlyn Nolte & Samantha Woolridge

At Regeneration Salon & Spa, the goal has always been to provide a comfortable environment for people to be themselves. “We both wanted a salon and spa where people feel safe to work and experience services,” says Kaitlyn Nolte, co-owner. “We care for people, not just the business side.” Co-owner and stylist Samantha Woolridge agrees, […]

Megan Herzing

Megan Herzing has spent most of her life in the roofing industry. Even before taking on a lead role at Fortified Roofing and Siding, Herzing would accompany her father on inspections and listen to him talk to customers. The experiences in her formative years made Herzing a natural fit to join the business later and, […]

Alice Leeper

Since entering her career in real estate, Alice Leeper has been dedicated to helping people make a huge, stress-free financial commitment. “Buying or selling a house is a major financial commitment for an individual,” she says. “They are looking to you for advice and well-researched recommendations.” As a broker and salesperson at HomeTown COMO Group […]

Dayna Glanz

After being diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2017, Dayna Glanz wasn’t interested in a treatment plan that prioritized pharmaceuticals. Instead, she decided to travel to the St. Louis area once a week for sessions at OsteoStrong in Creve Coeur. She quickly saw the benefits and became more than just a believer; at age 67, Glanz became […]

Sarah René Sticklen-McDonnell

Being able to fight for the underdog is the most meaningful part of Sarah René Sticklen-McDonnell’s job as a lawyer. “I get to know my clients and their stories very well,” she says. “I take great pride in my responsibility to be their voice during such a tough time in their lives.” At Sticklen & […]

Abby McKay

After struggling with her skin in high school and not knowing what products worked best for her, Abby McKay knew she wanted to help people find their confidence. “My whole job is dedicated to making you feel your best, and I love to do it,” says McKay, now owner and operator of Creating Confidence LLC. […]

Heather Martin

Although Heather Martin was recruited into the mortgage industry, she quickly realized it was the perfect fit as she began to connect with people and realize how much she could help in making the home buying process easier. “Everyone deserves to own their home if that is what they want and I want to be […]

Shawna Neuner

Shawna Neuner has 30 years in the real estate industry and is going strong. She has recently partnered with other members in real estate to develop a new brokerage called Boulevard Realty. Neuner found her specialty in real estate by working on her personal investment properties. In owning her own rental properties and not knowing […]

Sabrina McDonnell

For Sabrina McDonnell, her outstanding career in banking all goes back to her mother. Since childhood, McDonnell says her mother would talk about how much she enjoyed her job, the customers and coworkers. After experiencing it herself, McDonnell says she fell in love with the work. “Bankers help people connect their ideas, goals, and dreams […]

Dr. Diana Coats

For as long as she can remember, Dr. Diana Coats has always had a love for plants and helping people. When an opportunity came along to chase her dreams, Coats, now the vice president of operations at Good Day Farm, couldn’t pass it up. “I made my way back to (Missouri) to join the emerging […]

Melissa Kinkade, Carla Ciolli & Jennifer Miller

At Trilogy Salon & Aesthetics, clients can get the absolute best in everything from hair care to skin care. Just leave it to the professionals, which in this case is the trio of owners, Melissa Kinkade, Carla Ciolli and Jennifer Miller. Ciolli and Kinkade have had a love of hair and makeup for years. For […]

Kassandra Wayland

Kassandra Wayland has always been around plumbing, often being told that she would someday take over the family business at Brian Wear Plumbing. And while that was always her dream, being a plumber wasn’t her passion. “It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I didn’t have to be a plumber to do that,” […]

Jaclyn Rogers

For Jaclyn Rogers, working at Ai Painting Plus has allowed her to follow her passion into an industry that is constantly evolving. “The art world is dynamic, with evolving trends and constant innovation,” she says. It’s what sparked her interest in the field and what continues to ignite her passion for the field, something Rogers […]

Dr. Barbie Sachs, Jennifer Gutierrez, Dr. Lyndsey

At Achieve Wellness Medical Center, it’s all about finding relief — real relief — from pain. It’s a simple focus that drives every member of the team, all of whom have seen firsthand how needed that relief can be. Dr. Barbie Sachs, owner, CEO and physical therapist, says she has spent nearly 30 years working […]

Ashly Gal, Jessie Gieson, Alondra Figueroa

As a child, Jessie Gieson loved to help her dad coupon to save money for snacks. She loved making lists and found math to come pretty easily, even though it wasn’t her favorite subject. Factor in her natural people skills and, as she says, “banking becomes a natural choice. One that I fell in love […]

Andrea Lyn Seppo

Andrea Lyn Seppo has always been a planner. “I would plan tea parties for my siblings, detail life schedules for imaginary families and plan my entire college schedule at one time,” she says. As she got older, Seppo began to see just how useful her planning skills were, especially when it came to restaurants and […]

Alissa Welschmeyer

Interior design always came naturally to Alissa Welschmeyer. She developed a love for art and creativity early on and found that interior design was a natural way to combine expression and creativity. “Painting my room or rearranging furniture was one of my fondest memories,” Welschmeyer says. In 2019, Welschmeyer founded Olive Tree Design Build, specializing […]

Becky Erdel

As a youngster Becky Erdel had an eye for design. Rearranging rooms in her parents’ home was a frequent event. Eventually, Erdel came to realize this behavior was more than a simple hobby. “It was my way of being creative with space. It became my passion,” Erdel says. Now a designer at Girard Homes, Erdel […]