A Real Goat-Getter

Imagine going to get the mail followed by dozens of goats, a Chicuahua and perhaps a Bordie Collie. Teresa Snow, former news anchor and reporter for KRCG TV and KMIZ TV, leads the herd down the long driveway and to the mailbox.

Snow, her husband, Ben Voeller, and four children have 28 goats, but that number will double when the goats start having kids mid-summer. The Boer goats, which are used for meat instead of milk, are useful in cleaning brush and weeds around their farm. “We sell the kids when they are about five months old and 60 pounds at the Mexico Livestock Auction,” Snow says.

In addition to the goats, Snow’s pets include Dana, a long-hair Chihauha. The farm is home to Lucy, a Border Collie; Nichols, an indoor cat; Tiggy, an indoor/outdoor cat; Shampoo, a barn cat; two horses Topper and Squirt; and 100 cows.

Snow is the executive director of strategic communications at MU Health Care. She enjoys yoga, dance and walks down the driveway with her pets.

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