Caroline Critchfield


Caroline Critchfield, a senior at Rock Bridge High School, is royalty. Instead of holding a scepter and wearing a crown, picture her holding a rolling pin or a toilet plunger and wearing a chef’s toque or ball cap.

This multi-faceted princess earned her royal title at Kanakuk, a Christian camp for 300 girls, ages 6 to 12. “I was like a big sister to all of the girls… I had the opportunity to share the love of God with each of the girls. I have never learned so much about patience and unconditional love before. As younger girls they don’t always have the best hygiene. They don’t like to shower, brush their teeth, or even remember to flush. I have never plunged so many toilets in my life!” wrote Caroline.

Caroline spent a year preparing for the 28 camping days last summer. She created daily devotionals, wrote a play to be performed at the end of the month, and choreographed songs and dances for the campers. “There were so many trials that I faced during this time as the princess. The one trial that really changed me were the competitions. I was the leader and going into camp, all I wanted to do was win. At the end of the term, our team had scored zero points. This humbled me so much. I learned that the reason I was chosen for this camp was not to win. I was chosen to build relationships with all of the girls that might not be shown that kind of love back home. Serving this past summer taught me more than the previous 10 years as a camper.”

In addition to fulfilling her royal obligations, Caroline was captain of the JV track and cross country team, a Rock Bridge senior mentor, tour guide and cheerleader, and a volunteer for Woodhaven, ForColumbia (a church-based organization) and Camp Kanakuk.

She hopes to someday combine her love of serving others with her other passion – baking. “I plan on attending Johnson and Wales University to study Baking and Pastry Arts and Business Management and Ownership. Johnson and Wales University is the number one pastry school in the nation… After college, I intend on opening a cafe to share my creations with the world and do what I love. My dream is to own a business where people can come, relax and have good food and company.”

Caroline is the daughter of Todd and Beth Critchfield of Columbia.

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