Whether they’re athletes, movie stars, musicians, models or moguls, celebrities are often asked to endorse products, with many signing lucrative deals to do so. Other celebs come out with their own product lines — everything from clothing to wine. But there a few celeb/product pairings that seem like natural fits that haven’t happened. Yet. Here are five:

  1. A new men’s fragrance from Elon Musk. Maybe it could even be time-release and incased in a chip that’s imbedded in the wearer.
  2. A new cookbook from Ayesha Curry, including a recipe for Steph Curry. I mean, she’s already an established cookbook author. What could be more perfect? Bonus: Ann Curry could ghostwrite it. Or at least write the intro.
  3. A new cruise line from … wait for it … Tom Cruise! Hey, he’s known for doing his own stunts. Though this would more of a publicity stunt than an action one …
  4. A new line of golf clubs from Tiger Woods. Naturally it would include woods, as well as irons and putters.
  5. A new yo-yo from Yo-Yo Ma. A cello has strings, a yoyo has a string … kind of “ties” the two together pretty neatly, don’t you think?

No doubt there are scores of other celeb/product pairing possibilities. Have suggestions of your own? Post them on our Inside Columbia Facebook page. Let the brandemonium begin!

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