Fashionable Yet Functional

Although wedding bells ring at regular intervals during the sizzling summer months, some brides are choosing to tie the knot after the trees have lost their leaves. With twinkling lights and nature’s magic touch, winter can be a romantic season, but it’s important to consider one of the toughest decisions a winter bride can make: her shoes.

Peep-toe pumps might not be the smartest choice for a Missouri winter bride to wear, but there are bridal shoes that won’t give you frostbite at the altar. We asked a couple of Columbia’s fashion gurus and masters of matrimony to share how brides can, literally, avoid cold feet this winter wedding season.

“Closed-toe shoes are a must for winter events,” says Lovell Cox, local fashion designer and entrepreneur. “Although the biggest things to consider when choosing any winter shoe are practicality, texture and color.”

“I picked a pair of flats for my big day,” says Alexa Nordwald, a December bride. “I knew I needed something comfortable and cute with coverage to keep me warm.”

Brides are deciding to ditch the stilettos and slip on a pair of flats for a more comfortable option. Flats are a good fit for winter brides because they cover a large portion of the foot, blocking the skin from cold winds.

On the other hand, it can be difficult for some brides to say no to the pumps.

“Most of the time, the bride has an idea of what she wants despite the season,” says Jessica Card, owner of Belle Mariée Bridal Boutique. “Most of the time, winter weddings are indoors, so shoe choice is really specific to each bride.”

If you want to add a little height, closed-toe heels are seasonally appropriate. Along with practicality, texture is another factor to consider when selecting bridal shoes.

“Texture is really a tell-tale sign of the season,” Cox says. “Suede, velvet, leather and satin are textures that generally say winter.”

Winter fabrics such as suede, velvet, leather and satin are less breathable than summer fabrics. Their heavy weight helps to prevent chilly air from seeping through. Also, thicker fabrics help capture the essence of the season.

This time of year, there are specific color tones that capture the authentic magic of winter. Adding the right pop of color to your bridal look can tie the whole theme of the wedding together.

“With our wedding being so close to Christmas, we decided on a classic color palette of maroon and black with gold accents and lots of greenery,” Nordwald says. “My shoes are a shade of shimmery rose gold that complement the décor and even match my engagement ring.”

Although traditional color palettes pay tribute to the timeless ambiance and intimacy of winter, some brides have a different approach. For the bold bride, incorporating trendy, season-appropriate colors into your shoe will make a statement without being over-the-top.

“This year, expect to see a wide range of trending colors like pastel pink, deep burnt orange, royal blue and others that may surprise you,” Cox says.

“During the winter, we see some brides who want darker colored shoes like navy blues,” Card says. “That’s their something blue!”

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