Mental Wellness

About 847,000 adults through- out Missouri live with mental illness, according to a 2016 study by the Missouri Division of Behavioral Health. The National Institute of Mental Health indicates that roughly 20 percent of adolescents, either currently or at some point during their lives, have had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. The need for proper treatment is clear, but fewer than half of these people pursue a form of treatment.

“I’ve worked in several other states, and Missouri is one of the most underserved states that I have seen, in relation to inpatient mental health services,” says Karla Quinn, interim CEO of CenterPointe in Columbia and vice president of clinical operations. Last fall, CenterPointe Hospital opened a 72-bed facility at 1201 International Drive near Rangeline where patients have access to inpatient behavioral treatment. “With the new additions, CenterPointe Behavioral Health System is now the largest psychiatric provider for inpatient care in the state of Missouri,” Quinn adds.

Although Columbia has had access to a CenterPointe outpatient satellite location in the past, the 56,000-square-foot inpatient hospital provides intensive care intended to mitigate urgent situations and help patients learn how to avoid future moments of crisis. The staff cares for patients of all ages who are experiencing moderate to severe psychiatric and behavioral problems. The hospital also offers a program for patients in need of a chemical dependency detox, whether for drugs or alcohol.

Generally, a patient will stay at the hospital for eight to 14 days. Depend- ing on the patient’s age, the stay might be shorter or longer. Younger patients might only stay at CenterPointe for eight days, but an adult patient might stay for 12. The time each patient spends at the hospital depends on the needs of the patient and the community.

Since opening the inpatient hospital, CenterPointe has treated 25 patients seeking psychiatric care. The hospital expects to admit about 20 to 30 new patients every week as the program continues to grow. CenterPointe provided outpatient services in Columbia prior to the new hospital’s opening.

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